Grade of the Models
High Grade: Made of glass ultra thick fiber felt and forming with Class A resin, coated with imported paint with shoulders and legs.
Middle Grade: Made of glass fiber felt and forming with Class B resin, coated with famous homemade paint with thin shoulders and legs.
Low Grade: Made of glass fiber fabric and forming with Class C resin, coated with ordinary paint with thin shoulders and legs.
How to identify the quality of model?
Identify from the appearance, the qualification of the qualified model consists of: smooth surface, no blemish, excellent joint, no distortion, and the model won’t distort after pressing.
How to install model?
1. Install the base of the model, install the support of the model onto the base with screwdriver, tighten the screws for avoiding leaning.
2. Install the lower part: place one leg with hip onto the floor, then hold the waist of the model and install another leg of the model and turn it, install the lower part onto the base.
3. Install the upper part: connect the upper part with the lower part, then install two arms
How to dress the model?
1. Trousers: if the distance between two legs of the model is big, please remove the legs and dress it, then connect the legs; do not remove the legs if the distance is not big.
2. Coat: remove one arm of the model, dress the sleeve of the coat onto the model, then remove another arm and dress the other sleeve, finally install the arm onto the model.
3. Fasten and pull the zippers, tidy up the clothes.
How to maintain the model?
1. Please be careful when using the model, do not knock the joint of the model.
2. Please place the model beside the path in the store.
3. Do not place the model under direct sunshine, otherwise, the paint on it will fade.